Taking on a new design and construction project comes with a lot of risk. Aside from the time and money required, no two design and construction projects are exactly alike, and there is a tremendous learning curve associated with becoming fluent in the process, players, and terminology involved in transforming an idea into a built reality. So how as an owner, even one with experience, can you overcome these challenges to ensure your vision is realized? One way to reduce risk is to find a partner, an Owner’s Representative, with the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

What is an Owner’s Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is hired by an owner to manage and execute a construction project on their behalf – particularly when they don’t have the industry knowledge, time or resources in-house to do it themselves.

An Owner’s Representative acts as the owner’s eyes and ears throughout the entire process with the sole purpose of executing their goals and mission.

An Owner’s Representative is engaged at the very beginning of the process. This way they’re able to work alongside the owner to identify budget and project objectives, a realistic schedule based on the project’s goals, and a clear understanding of what success looks like to them. Once these fundamental pieces are in place, the Owner’s Representative can then help identify and assemble the ideal team of design, construction, and specialty consultants to deliver on the clients goals. From that point forward, it’s about management, communication, and coordination. 

The earlier an Owner’s Representative gets involved, the more value they can bring to the project – hiring the right team and setting a project up for success. By the time a project reaches construction, an Owner’s Representative has the cost estimates to establish a realistic and accurate budget, has hired the right contractor to ensure it stays on schedule, and has documented every step of the way to guarantee the project meets established goals. In the end, it’s about providing the owner with peace of mind and a final result that’s exactly what they envisioned.